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Underwater swimming perspective

Hello and welcome to the Forever Young Spirit Club (#FYSC) website. We are a voluntary organization dedicated to serving the community, and help people lead a more Healthy, Happy and Active Lifestyle.

Benefits of joining #FYSC Club


Weekly outdoor activities to learn new skills by keeping fit, and maintaining an active lifestyle. FYSC provides its members with many opportunities to do what they have always wanted but never dared to do. It gives the members the chance to be intrepid adventurers. As a club, members push themselves to reach greater heights. They motivate each other and ensure that every member is able to achieve the same goal, be it swimming, running, hiking, cycling or scaling the wall.


Join interesting talks on health, cooking classes, and seminars organized by our program partners. When it comes to cooking activities, FYSC’s cooking and baking classes is a benchmark of excellence. Each class, and activity is a delightful gastronomic story that you should definitely experience! Through our interesting, educational and hands-on cooking programs, we teach families about healthy food choices and provide them with an appreciation of good food.


Go on special trips and excursions, arranged for members to travel locally and abroad. For anyone who’s felt the excitement of exploring brand-new destinations, #FYSC Travel Club is for them. Members can access amazing travel benefits including tailor-made holidays which focuses on building unique experiences for members through their shared experiences.

“We want to reach out to as many people as possible, and help them to become healthy, wealthy and free.”



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• Join our FUN, FREE, and FRIENDLY Active Lifestyle platform at www.foreveryoungspirit.org. Find out what the fuss is all about: “Who, Where and When?” and how to get discounts, promotions, join partner events, and seminars. Don’t forget to invite your friends..


Coming Soon: 02-05-2018

As we continue to grow in the community and add new programs and services, we are always looking for new participants and ways to involve those who support us! Feel free to contact us on how you’d like to get involved!


Coming Soon: 08-05-2018

Join now to receive a Free Wellness Evaluation with one of our Fit Club/Wellness coaches. We will discuss with you your health goals and guide you on how to achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle. Once you have booked in we will be in contact with you within 24 hours.


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